SEIN chooses winning combination WSO2 and SUSE

SEINSEIN worked with peer-to-peer connections to connect with hospitals, clinics, research and educational institutions. This created “inefficient, enclosed information islands” and a very difficult environment for the reuse of information. Yenlo implemented a generic WSO2 – SUSE integration platform. SEIN now benefit from the advantages in terms of technology, information and budget.


Epilepsy Institutes of The Netherlands Foundation (SEIN) provides specialized care and treatment, education and residential care for people with epilepsy and/or seizures. There is room for 535 patients in SEIN’s clinics and residential accommodations. The outpatient clinics provide care to about 11,000 patients a year. The Foundation itself has 1,300 employees. SEIN applies a multidisciplinary approach. Which means that various professional specialists address care issues. SEIN is also a nationally and internationally renowned research center that does a lot of research on epilepsy, seizures and sleep (disorders), together with universities, other hospitals and scientific institutions.

Focal point

SEIN is the center of research on and supervision of epilepsy patients. Jean Willem Barzilay, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors and responsible for all business units within SEIN: ‘Our employees are constantly in contact with each other, with various hospitals and outpatient clinics, but also with universities and research institutions. To retrieve patient information, to consult with each other or to exchange research data. We are the focal point of everything that has to do with epilepsy. A comprehensive IT landscape facilitates this structure.’

The exchange of information between all these parties always took place one-on-one, peer-to-peer. The downside of course of this one-on-one connection is that the obtained or requested information is stored in separate systems. ‘It is obvious that this way of working is not efficient,’ according to Barzilay. ‘Since everyone has their own information storage, it is difficult to reuse data or work together on certain documents. We decided to tackle this during the launch of a major, comprehensive new project.’

Generic integration platform with WSO2 and SUSE

The IT steering committee decided to implement a so-called generic integration platform. Yenlo, expert in the field of integration solutions for business processes and information systems, implemented this platform with a combined WSO2-SUSE Linux Enterprise solution. ‘Yenlo provides solutions that couple and decouple information flows – that can be complemented with components that provide security, management and logic – in a standardized way. Exactly what we needed!’, says Barzilay. ‘This gives us the opportunity to safely and clearly connect the information flows used by various stakeholders. Standardized, according to Health Level (HL) 7, for the exchange of medical data between health care information systems.’

The interface consists of a complete WSO2 middleware platform, based on open source and open standards. The platform is fully integrated with all the necessary components such as services oriented architecture (SOA), enterprise service bus (ESB), identity and security, governance and business monitoring. The platform supports companies with existing heterogeneous IT environments and runs on the reliable and flexible SUSE Linux Enterprise Server operating system. Both WSO2 and SUSE Linux Enterprise are supported by the Yenlo service and support team.

Customer benefits
Jean Willem BarzilayBarzilay: ‘Because we now use a generic interface, we no longer need Cloverleaf, the message broker used in many healthcare facilities. The WSO2 – SUSE combination provides us with benefits in terms of technology, information and budget. We now exchange data in a clear way, with one technique and a standardized coupling. Information is no longer stored in various individual systems, but can be accessed in a centralized way. Standardizing based on open source software naturally entails cost reduction: expensive, proprietary software is no longer needed. Yenlo has implemented this solution and provides the service and support. From day one we benefit from the advantages this user friendly solution brings with it.’

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